VPNUK Account Features & Benefits Overview

VPNUK provides two types of accounts, we have the Shared (Dynamic) IP account and the Dedicated (Unique, Static) IP account. The Shared IP account is our most popular account giving clients access to every server in our Shared IP network, thats access to over 100 fully dedicated, physical servers in 17 countries.

Our Dedicated (static) IP Accounts offer a Static IP Address. Each account has its very own Unique IP Address! These IP's are static so they will never change and they will never be used by any other client whilst the IP is assigned to your account!

All VPNUK accounts allow 2 simultaneous logins as standard on the account!**

  Shared IP   Shared IP   Dedicated IP   1:1 IP
Users per account   2   4   2   1
Monthly Fee   £5.99   £9.99   £9.99   £9.99


Multi user access   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Static IP   -   -   Yes   Yes
Unique IP   -   -   Yes   Yes
Dynamic IP   Yes Yes - -
Random IP   Yes Yes - -
Unlimited bandwidth   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Incoming Connections   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Servers per account   Unlimited   Unlimited   1   1
Availability   Worldwide   Worldwide   Worldwide   Worldwide
Total servers   100+   100+   18   2
VPN Locations   17More info   17More info   3More info   1More info
PPTP   Yes   Yes   Yes Yes
L2TP/IPSEC   Yes   Yes   Yes Yes
OpenVPN TCP   Yes   Yes   Yes Yes
OpenVPN UDP   Yes   Yes   Yes Yes
VPNUK Web Proxy   Yes   Yes   Yes Yes
VPNUK SmartDNS   Yes   Yes   Yes Yes
Control Panel access   Yes   Yes   Yes Yes
Multi server access   Yes   Yes   Yes Yes
Server Switching   Yes   Yes   Yes Yes
Automated renewals   Yes   Yes   Yes Yes
Monthly Agreements   Yes   Yes   Yes Yes
Incoming Connections   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes


Frequently asked questions

Can I use my account to access TV?
Yes, of course. You can use your VPNUK account to access all manner of streaming media from around the world. Access high quality content including BBCiPlayer, Hulu, Wilmaa, Netflix, BT Sport, Sky Go, 4oD, RAI, CBC, Zattoo and many more!

Can I share my VPNUK account?
**Yes you can! All accounts (except our Dedicated 1:1 accounts) have two user simultaneous access as standard. You can connect two seperate devices or systems to your VPNUK account, no matter where they are located in the world.

Can you setup my VPNUK account?
Yes we can! Come over to our Live Help service and we'll be more than happy to carry out a free remote installation for you.

Can I cancel my account if I don't use it?
Yes you can! You can choose to sign up to VPNUK with a monthly recurring payment which you are free to cancel at any time.

What types of payment do you accept?
Currently we accept payments made with all Credit and Debit cards through PayPal and DalPay. PayPal also allows you to fund your VPNUK account from your bank account. We can also accept manual payments made through Bitcoin and Skrill. Please contact us for more options and information.

VPNUK accepts Credit and Debit card payments
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