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Partner Program

VPNUK Partner Program

Getting started with the VPNUK Partner Program

VPNUK are now looking for people to help promote the VPNUK service as part of our Partner Program. It is now possible for you to help us promote our range of high quality VPN services in return for commission for each new client you send our way! Becoming part of one of the worlds fastest growing VPN services is easy.. if you would like to see whats it takes to become a VPNUK partner please read through this information or contact us to find out more.

The benefits of the VPNUK Partner Program

VPNUK Affiliate Scheme Overview

Affiliate Benefits
VPNUK YesHigh commission payouts in three tiers of 15%, 20% and 25%.
VPNUK Yes Residual affiliate scheme payout’s.
VPNUK Yes Online account management.

Potential affiliates must:
VPNUK Yes Have a verifiable website or business with a target audience.
VPNUK Yes Have a PayPal account for receiving commission payments.
VPNUK Yes Be an active VPNUK account holder.

How the VPNUK Affiliate Scheme works

Getting Started:
1. Open an account with VPNUK.
2. Login to your Client CP and apply to become a partner.
3. Once approved you will be assigned a unique referral link.
4. Share your link to recieve commsission for the referral. The more referrals you bring in, the more commission you can earn!

Commission payments are in three tiers, they are:
Tier 1: 15% commission for 1 – 19 active referrals.
Tier 2: 20% commission for 20 – 49 active referrals.
Tier 3: 25% commission for 50+ active referrals.

If you have specific questions about the partner program please go to Live Help