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VPNUK Network and Server Status

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If you are having any problems connecting to your server please complete a ‘Report a Problem’ form and leave us as much information as possible regarding the error you are receiving, please remember to include your login username in all correspondence.

VPNUK Shared IP Servers

Server Name / Country Location DNS Name
United Kingdom 20: Hornchurch shared20.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 21: Bedford shared21.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 32: Maidenhead shared32.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 33: Maidenhead shared33.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 53: Maidenhead shared53.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 55: Maidenhead shared55.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 58: Manchester shared58.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 59: Manchester shared59.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 61: Maidenhead shared61.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 72: London shared72.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 74: London shared74.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 77: Nottingham shared77.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 78: Nottingham shared78.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 79: Nottingham shared79.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 80: Nottingham shared80.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 81: Nottingham shared81.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 82: Nottingham shared82.vpnuk.net
United States 2: New York shared2-us.vpnuk.net
United States 3: Kansas shared3-us.vpnuk.net
United States 7: Kansas shared7-us.vpnuk.net
Canada 2: Montreal shared2-ca.vpnuk.net
France 1: Vern sur Seiche shared1-fr.vpnuk.net
Switzerland 1: Zurich shared1-ch.vpnuk.net
Switzerland 2: Zurich shared2-ch.vpnuk.net
Netherlands 1: Amsterdam shared1-nl.vpnuk.net
Spain 1: Elche shared1-es.vpnuk.net
Spain 2: Valencia shared2-es.vpnuk.net
Italy 1: Arezzo shared1-it.vpnuk.net
Italy 2: Arezzo shared2-it.vpnuk.net
Italy 3: Arezzo shared3-it.vpnuk.net
Denmark 1: Copenhagen shared1-dk.vpnuk.net
Ireland 1: Dublin shared1-ie.vpnuk.net
Sweden 1: Stockholm shared1-se.vpnuk.net
Singapore 1: Singapore shared1-sg.vpnuk.net
Russia 1: St Petersburg shared1-ru.vpnuk.net
Germany 1: Frankfurt shared1-de.vpnuk.net
Germany 2: Frankfurt shared2-de.vpnuk.net
Germany 3: Frankfurt shared3-de.vpnuk.net
Luxembourg 1: Steinsel shared1-lu.vpnuk.net
Poland 1: Warsaw shared1-pl.vpnuk.net
Egypt 1: Cairo shared1-eg.vpnuk.net
Australia 1: Melbourne shared1-au.vpnuk.net
Panama 1: Panama City shared1-pa.vpnuk.net
Hong Kong 1: Hong Kong shared1-hk.vpnuk.net
Iceland 1: Reykjavik shared1-is.vpnuk.net
Japan 1: Tokyo shared1-jp.vpnuk.net
Israel 1: Tel Aviv shared1-il.vpnuk.net
India 1: Indore shared1-in.vpnuk.net


VPNUK Dedicated IP Servers

Server Name / Country Location DNS Name
United Kingdom 4: Nottingham uk4.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 5: Nottingham uk5.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 6: Nottingham uk6.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 7: Nottingham uk7.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 8: Nottingham uk8.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 9: Nottingham uk9.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 14: Maidenhead uk14.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 15: Maidenhead uk15.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 19: Maidenhead uk19.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 20: Maidenhead uk20.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 21: Maidenhead uk21.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 22: Maidenhead uk22.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 23: Rugby uk23.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 24: Rugby uk24.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 25: Rugby uk25.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 26: Rugby uk26.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 27: Nottingham uk27.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 28: Nottingham uk28.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 29: Nottingham uk29.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 30: Nottingham uk30.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 30: Nottingham uk31.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 32: Nottingham uk32.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 33: Nottingham uk33.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 34: Nottingham uk34.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 35: Nottingham uk35.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 36: Nottingham uk36.vpnuk.net
United States 2: Kansas us2.vpnuk.net
Italy 1: Milan it1.vpnuk.net
Italy 3: Arezzo it3.vpnuk.net
United Kingdom 1 / 1:1: Maidenhead uk1.vpnuk.net