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Setup Windows Eclipse

Setup a VPNUK Eclipse connection on Windows.

About this setup

The VPNUK Eclipse service has been specifically configured to work alongside an OpenVPN connection. Specifically designed to assist anyone suffering problems with network restrictions or strict firewalls blocking VPN connections. This setup tutorial will guide you through the whole setup procedure for creating a regular OpenVPN connection, we will then show you how to enable the VPNUK Eclipse service.

1. Download OpenVPN Assistant

Download the VPNUK OpenVPN Assistant here: VPNUK OpenVPN Assistant 2.42 (.EXE). If you have any problems downloading or installing files from our server please contact our Live Help team, we are always available to help. Alternative download mirrors are available on our downloads page here.

2. Unknown Publisher

You may receive a Windows warning, click onto ‘More info’ and then ‘Run Anyway’, the software is perfectly safe to use.

3. Run Installer

Its always a good idea to run the installer application with escalated permissions by right clicking onto the OpenVPN Assistant Installer file, then choose ‘Run as administrator’.

4. Install OpenVPN Assistant

Click ‘Next’ to initiate the installation.

5. Installation Location

Click ‘Next’ to confirm the installation location.

6. Software Name

Click ‘Next’ to confirm the name.

7. Create Shortcut

Place a check in the Additional Icons checkbox, this will create a desktop shortcut for easy access, then click ‘Next’.

8. Install OpenVPN Assistant

Click onto the ‘Install’ button.

9. Finish Installation

Click onto the ‘Finish’ button. The OpenVPN Assistant software application will now be installed on your system.

10. Open the Assistant

Double click onto the OpenVPN Assistant desktop shortcut. Again, its always a good idea to run the application with escalated permissions by right clicking onto the OpenVPN Assistant Installer file, then select ‘Properties’ from the menu, followed by the ‘Compatibility’ tab then place a check in the ‘Run this program as an administrator’ checkbox.

11. Install OpenVPN

Click onto the ‘Install OpenVPN from VPNUK’ button to begin the installation of OpenVPN.

12. Configure the Connection

Choose your VPNUK ‘Account Type’.

13. Select a VPN Server

Shared IP account holders are free to select any server from the list of available servers. Users on the Dedicated IP platform should choose the server their Unique IP corresponds to.

14. Friendly Name

You can enter any name into the ‘Configuration Name’ area.

15. Login username

Enter your ‘VPNUK Username’. You can find your login credentials in your ‘Welcome to VPNUK’ email or in the ‘Members area‘ on the VPNUK website.

16. Username and Password

Enter your ‘VPNUK Password’. You can find your login credentials in your ‘Welcome to VPNUK’ email or in the ‘Members area‘ on the VPNUK website.

17. Finalise Configuration

Ensure all the details are correct then click the ‘Next’ button.

18. Previous Installation Removal

You will receive a prompt informing you that any old versions of OpenVPN will be removed from your system, if you are happy to proceed, click the ‘Yes’ button.

19. Installation Procedure

The OpenVPN software will now install. This will take some time so please be patient and let the installer complete the installation process. If the installer appears to stall please do not close it, the process will complete after a few minutes.
NOTES: You may recieve a notice about installing a TAP device driver, the driver is required by OpenVPN. Please ensure you click ‘ok’ and allow it to install.

20. Setting Permissions.

Its always a good idea to ensure you run the program with escalated permissions. Right click onto the ‘OpenVPN GUI’ desktop shortcut and select ‘Properties’.

21. Compatibility.

Click onto the ‘Compatibility’ tab.

22. Settings.

Place a check in the ‘Run program as an administrator’ checkbox and click onto the ‘OK’ button.
Note: If you have multiple user accounts on the computer you can run the same permissions for all by clicking onto the ‘Change Settings for all users’
button following by a check in the ‘Run program as an administrator’ checkbox.

OpenVPN Installation Complete – Setting up VPNUK Eclipse

23. Configuration Settings.

We now need to configure the final part of the Eclipse service, which simply requires you to enable the service through the OpenVPN Connection. Click onto the button titled ‘Change Settings and Configs’.

24. Enable the Eclispe Service.

From the VPNUK Eclipse checkbox, change the Eclipse service from the ‘Off’ position to the ‘On’ position.

25. Apply Settings.

Save the configuration setting by clicking onto the ‘Apply’ button.

Connecting to VPNUK Eclipse

26. Run the OpenVPN GUI

Before connecting to OpenVPN you have to run the GUI, in order to do this you have to click onto the ‘OpenVPN GUI’ icon which will run OpenVPN ready for connecting.

27. Connecting to VPNUK

You can now connect OpenVPN from the sys tray. Each time you open the OpenVPN GUI its icon will appear in the sys tray (Inside the icons bay, usually on the bottom right hand side).

28. Connecting to VPNUK

Right click onto the OpenVPN GUI and select ‘Connect’.

29. Connection Overview

Whilst connecting the ‘Current State’ window will pop up and display the connection process.

30. Connected!

Thats it! You will be connected once the icon turns Green.
Note: If you experience a loss of connection or any issues with routing through the VPN please check out our DNS Leak Protection tutorial here.