The Team Angie

Meet the Team – Insider Information



How would you describe yourself
Im a Leo..loyal, generous, a bit bossy and hot headed (so my husband says!) but the patience of a saint 🙂

Favourite Films
Theres so many but just a few are..Usual Suspects, Dirty Dancing (classic!) Misery, and i have to say it Mean Girls!

Favourite Food
Spicy food is my favourite but i make a great Yorkshire pudding which also goes down well

Favourite Childhood Memory
Having a Mongoose BMX bike for one Christmas that was so cool

Biggest Challenge
Having Teenagers

If you won the Lottery..
I would get a decent car something practicle with space for all of the dogs Audi Q5 would do nicely and a Motorhome/Campervan 🙂

Guilty Pleasures
The X Factor, Im a Celebrity, The Only Way is Essex and trashy novels..(no hope for me, I know!!)