The Team Jane

Meet the Team – Insider Information



Favourite Food
Authentic creole and cajun cuisine, I just don’t get to eat enough of it!

Favourite Holiday Destination
So far it has to be New Orleans, the French Quarter, the Bayou, the alligators, the colours, the heat, the jazz,
the art, the food, and especially the vampires and voodoo.. I love it!

On the bookshelf

Anything to do with alien religions, blood rituals and witchcraft. Its all legitimate research for my PhD, honest!

What do you have in your music collection that shouldnt really be there

This one is easy, nothing! I have impeccable taste in music even if I do say so myself..

Greatest Fear

Heights, in particular falling from a great height, as in jumping out of a plane 15,000ft up in the sky with only 300 square ft of fabric to slow down the impact of you hitting the ground, kind of
height. I’ve done it twice now, and it still scares the life out of me!