The Team Milen

Meet the Team – Insider Information



Favourite Food
Tomatoes with cheese (feta one). Raw. No oil, please.

Favorite holiday destination

My couch and bed:) Some of the black sea beaches… and Greece.

First Job

First serious one. Manufacturing and installing windows frames. A once in a lifetime experience to work in a team where everyone swears at each other like ten thousand times in in a single day. Construction business at its best.

What do you have in your music collection that shouldnt really be there

I have no music collection at all. When I like something i listen to it a hundred times in a row and then drop it for the next ten years. Except Prodigy. I listen to them all the time.

On the bookshelf
L Ron Hubbard – Mission Earth

Greatest Fear

Losing family or family member.

Guilty pleasure
Eating kilograms of candies.

By the bedside
Lamp. I don’t use it.

Greatest Accomplishment
I have two. My daughters smile and playing ‘Yoda stories’ to the end.

My dreams will be realised when…

I have no dreams. I am a robot.