Server Speeds?

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How fast are your servers?

The vast majority of VPNUK servers have a port speed of at least 1gbps. VPNUK Servers have a Dedicated backbone located in state of the art datacentres solely devoted to this VPN service. Connection speeds will vary depending on the amount of clients logged onto the system at any given time and the distance you are away from the source, having said that, you should always get a speed capable of browsing the internet and viewing streaming media, online gaming and telephony services as long as your local speed or your routing speed is above 2mbps. We have a very low contention ratio on all of our servers so speeds should be at a maximum whenever you connect to the service. An account on both the Shared IP and Dedciated IP servers will give you the same speeds, there is no difference. Accounts should give you a conservative estimate -10% to 20% of your ISP routing speed to the destination server. When calculating the speed of the VPN connection you have to take into account the overheads and ping time for your location, the distance from the datacentre, routing loss and your ISP connection speed.