AnyConnect Setup Tutorial for Mac

Setting up a VPNUK AnyConnect Connection on Mac OS X.

This tutorial will guide you through the setup of an AnyConnect VPN connection using the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client application.

1. Download AnyConnect

Download the AnyConnect application from our server here: AnyConnect for Mac OSX

2. Install AnyConnect

Open the AnyConnect installer by clicking onto the DMG file.

3. Install AnyConnect

Click onto the AnyConnect.pkg installer file.

4. Certificate

Click onto the ‘Continue’ button.

5. Introduction

CLick onto the ‘Continue’ button.

6. License

Agree to the license by clicking onto the ‘Continue’ button.

7. Installation Type

Uncheck all packages except for ‘VPN’, and then click ‘Continue’.

8. Installation Type

Click onto the ‘Install’ button.

9. Confirm

You may need to confirm the installation by entering your Mac administrator password.

10. Install Complete

WHen the installation is complete, click onto the ‘Close’ button.

11. Open AnyConnect

Open the AnyConnect app from > Applications > Cisco > Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.
Tip: You can drag this application into your quick launch bar.

12. Settings

Click onto the Settings cog.

13. Preferences

Uncheck the option to ‘Block connections to untrusted servers’

14. Enter Server details

Return to the main overview window and enter your VPNUK server into the VPN input.

15. Connect

Click ‘Connect’.

16. Allow Connection

The first time you connect to VPNUK through AnyConnect you will receive a prompt. All of our servers have valid SSL certificates.

17. Username

Enter your login Username

18. Password

Enter your login password.

19. Connected

Your VPN should now be connected