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Bypass Firewall Configurations with VPNUK

VPNUK Account Firewall Features & Benefits

Why are VPNUK the preferred choice of VPN for so many firewalls around the world?

Online PrivacyYou may already know what a VPN can do for you because you may even have already used a VPN. Maybe in your workplace, school or university. If you are not currently using a VPN at home or in the office you really should look into it. Even if you don’t think you need one now. At some point in the future most people will consider internet privacy as important as their internet connection.

Benefits of using a VPN Firewall

As a result, using a VPN provides huge benefits of increasing your online privacy and security. Moreover, a VPN connection can offer protection to any network equalled only by firewalls. Subsequently, encrypting your data and internet usage with VPNUK and our professional VPN service is the best solution for all of your online needs and requirements. To begin with, we are able to offer you a high speed backbone from which to secure your home or office. You also have the backing of VPNUK, with our security and privacy guarantees all backed up by state of the art encryption from a choice of VPN connection types.

VPNUK can offer you a quality VPN service for all of your online services on huge range of devices. More importantly, put an end to divulging your every move over un-secure networks. Anyone can see who, where and what you are doing! Open the door to unrestricted, very secure and completely private access to the world wide web. An account with VPNUK will allow you to bypass any enforced censorship or access restrictions put in place by network administrators. More importantly, keeping you safe in the knowledge that your service is private and encrypted.

As with all Internet Service Providers, our word is only as good as the network you are accessing our service from. In case you ever need our help, day or night, we will make it our mission to ensure you are on the optimal server for your location and network connection. Our expert support team will be here for you when called upon and we will have your back at all times!

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About The VPNUK Service

VPNUK offer secure VPN services from any worldwide location to fully dedicated, physical servers located in over 30 prime locations around the world. We currently have VPN servers in the UK, USA, Switzerland, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Russia, Singapore, Luxembourg, Poland, Australia, Hong Kong, Iceland, Japan, India, Israel and France.

Our VPN services are Fast, Secure and Unmetered. Click here for a full break down of the features and benefits you get from a single VPNUK account.

Account Types

We offer three types of account at VPNUK, our entry level vpn account is our ‘Shared IP‘ account. Offering a ‘dynamic’ IP address, with a choice of a single user or six users and unlimited access to all of our Shared IP servers.

Dedicated IP account

The second type of account is our most popular account, the ‘Dedicated IP‘ account. Offering a totally Personal IP address, its a totally unique, ‘Static’ IP address that only your account will ever have access to. Moreover, this account also provides users with unlimited access to the entire Shared IP pool of servers.

1:1 Dedicated IP account

The third account is the 1:1 Dedicated IP account. Similar to the regular Dedicated IP account other than this account is an ideal solution for users wishing to accept incoming connections.

You can compare all of the VPNUK accounts by clicking here

A single VPNUK account will give two simultaneous users access to servers in 24 countries. You can buy an account for your own use or purchase multiple access and share the VPN Account with family or friends located anywhere in the world. Connect to all of our servers over PPTP, L2TP with IPSEC, IKEv2 and OpenVPN. You can also use the innovative VPNUK Smart DNS service or our Web Proxy on all accounts.

More reasons to have a VPNUK account

Here are some more reasons why VPNUK are the preferred choice of VPN Firewall Service for so many people!

Firewall Added Security for all of your internet communications, including hotspot wireless access users!
VPNUK Yes Internet Service Providers are well known for not filtering their network from exploits, a VPN will protect your network!
Firewall Governments would like to prevent users from enjoying the Internet, with a VPN IP there are no controls, enjoy the internet without restriction!
Firewall Accounts works from any location, in any country, worldwide!
Firewall Shared IP account allows up to 6 users from one account!
VPNUK Yes Expert Live Help and support!
VPNUK Yes Remote Support should you have any problems installing our service!
Firewall A VPNUK Account will help you bypass ISP blocking for VoIP!
VPNUK Yes Bypass geographical blocks!
VPNUK Yes Receive full anonymity and privacy by hiding your real IP address when online!
VPNUK Yes Private, Secure and High Speed Shared IP and Dedicated IP VPN servers!

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Security & Privacy Benefits

VPNUK’s purpose is providing a secure, private and reliable private connection over the Internet. Our professional VPN provides users with the following benefits:


A VPNUK account will protect your data while it’s traveling over the internet and wi-fi hotspots. All VPNUK connections will provide you with a secure neutral platform offering the highest grade of security through a number of different connection types and protocols .


The team at VPNUK will help you protect your online privacy by providing you with a totally private connection which can assist you in hiding your true identity and location. An account will be able to assist you in making your online activity private and safe from prying eyes.


VPNUK uses the highest grade encryption techniques which ensures you are always safe when browsing the internet. Your VPNUK connection will encrypt all data as its passing over any network. If intruders, including; hackers, crackers, phishers, ISPs or any other third party attempt to capture your data, they will fail.


Once connected to the VPNUK service your online identity will be concealed behind one of our many IP’s. You can browse the world wide web totally anonymous and in complete privacy safe in the knowledge that your true identity is hidden away from any online snooping services.