Setup Android

Setting up VPNUK access on Android.

OpenVPN Setup TutorialOpenVPN Setup Tutorials.
VPNUK recommends connections over OpenVPN when using Android.

Click here to configure your OpenVPN configuration file, our system will then email it to you or give you the option to download it directly from our server. If you are unable to download from here, please log into the Members Area or go to our Downloads page, we have many more download mirrors available. VPNUK are currently developing an Android app which is compatible with OpenVPN connections and SmartDNS. If you would like to try out our early beta release, please come over to Live Help. VPNUK recommends OpenVPN connections are only ever created using reputible Android Play Store apps. We suggest our users create their OpenVPN connection using OpenVPN for Android by Arne Schwabe. Another alternative setup tutorial uses the official OpenVPN Connect application from OpenVPN Technologies. Both versions are free of charge and run without any issue on all Android devices running Android OS version 4.0 and higher.

OpenConnect Setup Tutorials.
OpenConnect is an SSL VPN client for Cisco AnyConnect and ocserv gateways.
OpenConnect Features
– One-click connection (batch mode)
– Supports RSA SecurID and TOTP software tokens
– Keepalive feature to prevent unnecessary disconnections
– Compatible with ARMv7, x86, and MIPS devices
– No root required
– 100% open source (GPLv2+); 100% free; no ads
– Based on the popular OpenConnect Linux package

PPTP Setup
PPTP is a native connection on Android devices and should provide you with a stable connection which should function without problems on virtually all Android devices and systems.

L2TP Setup
We recommend only using an L2TP connection if no other options are availble. OpenVPN and PPTP connections usually offer greater stability and reliability on Android devices and systems when compared to L2TP connections.

VPNUK Smart DNSSmartDNS Setup Tutorial
The VPNUK Smart DNS service is a brilliant way to access certain web sites and services including streaming media and social networking services. The VPNUK Smart DNS services works on virtually every kind of system or device, this includes Smart TV’s and Games Consoles! You can now bypass the need to log in or even create a VPN connection. In order to connect to the VPNUK Smart DNS service you only have to to make one small edit to the connection settings of the system or device you would like to connect.

What are the benefits of the VPNUK Smart DNS service

Using VPNUK Smart DNS and its ever expanding whitelist of available services is a brilliant way of maintaining a low ping time and high speed in countries that have poor routing, throttle or even filter VPN connections. If you do not require the additional security of a VPN connection you are now able to connect to your VPNUK account through the VPNUK Smart DNS service. Another massive benefit with our Smart DNS service is that you can access content from multiple countries without having to switch server IP, the Smart DNS service does all of that for you in the background without you even realising!