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Setting up VPNUK access on Amazon Devices.

VPNUK App AmazonVPNUK App Setup Tutorial.
VPNUK recommends the VPNUK App when using Amazon Devices.

The VPNUK app has been developed from the ground up to our very own specification running the highly secure, multi configurable and widely compatible OpenVPN engine. offering an extremely simple interface, it has been designed and created to be very easy to use, we have ensured zero configuration is required on your part in order to use the VPNUK app. Once installed simply enter your login credentials, choose your server and then hit the connect button, it really is as simple as that. Once connected you will be presented with a country flag in the device taskbar, so you will always know which country you are currently connected through. You can download the free VPNUK API enabled App from the Amazon App Store or you can choose to sideload the VPNUK Android app directly from our website through the downloader app.

Sideload Setup   AppStore Setup

VPN Setup on older Amazon Fire TV
The setup of a VPN connection directly onto Amazon Fire TV devices is limited to newer devices, however, you can setup the connection through a compatible VPN router. VPNUK recommends VPN connections through a DD-WRT or ASUS compatible router.