One Month Free Trial Accounts from VPNUK

We offer three types of FREE trial account at VPNUK, the entry level account is our ‘Shared IP‘ account, providing you with a randomly assigned ‘dynamic’ IP address, with up to 100 users and unlimited access to all of our Shared IP servers. The second type of account is the ‘Dedicated IP‘ account, its our highly popular premium VPN account, providing you with a totally unique, ‘Static’ IP address that only your account will ever have access to, its your very own secure, private and anonymous IP address. In addition to your own unique IP address with our Dedicated IP accounts, you also get unlimited access to the ‘Shared IP’ platform. The third account that we offer is our highly popular ‘Dedicated 1:1’ Account which is an ideal solution for anyone running their own services and require incoming connections.

We are so confident of the quality of our service we offer all new users a month long free trial. The VPNUK free trial system offers you completely unlimited and unrestricted access to the VPNUK system for a period of one month with no obligation.

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