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Feedback & Reviews

Feedback & Reviews



Out of all the vpn services I would recommend this the most, customer service was amazing cost was good, and had a wide range of servers to choose from.



Great for TV

I spend 6-7 weeks abroad every year in a country where the only TV is awful with endless ad breaks. What a relief to find VPNUK which worked extremely well so I was able to watch all my UK channels. A very reasonable monthly rate as well.


United Kingdom

Fantastic response

Tried to set-up vpnuk on my 10 inch Samsung Note according to the installation notes but it kept hanging. After Danny suggested a quick tweak it worked straight away. Fantastic quick and accurate response. Thank you.

Pete Williams


What a surprise

What a surprise it was to find a vpn service that actually worked for me!

Sandro Baitte


Fast and Efficient

We are delighted with the service provided. When we were unable to connect to the server the team provided fast and efficient help. We would happily recommend the company.



Thanks for everything

Stuck in a country where you cannot acess your home tv stations can be frustrating. Not with VPNUK. The help line guided me through the set up process. Thanks I’ll be renewing again when I’m next out of the country.


United Kingdom

Best VPN

SUPERB, Reliable, Efficient and Best VPN provider all over UK. All UK VPN and many other VPNs. Considered best in whole of Europe.



Most Reliable VPN

I’ve used many VPN companies over the years and yours is absolutely the best and it’s not even close, you are far and away the most reliable VPN service on the market. Your live chat is also unmatched for help and speed of help.


United States

Thank you

After many years in China using VPNUK I wish to thank the team for their friendly and great support and offering a great service which enabled me to keep in touch with friends and family in the UK. Thank you.



Excellent service

I want to say thanks to Gary, I am useless at setting stuff up and got in a real twist, with my new MacBook having used the vpnuk on two iPads and really enjoy it when am travelling Spain, sorted it all out remotely in quick order and now am watching the golf… Excellent service – really happy punter!


United Kingdom

Fast VPN

Just upgraded to a dedicated IP address and setup dd-wrt on Asus RT-N16 router. You cannot imagine just how fast the VPN performs. I even get an upload speed faster to the UK than I do locally in France. Just a great service.




Guys, living and working in Central Asia leaves your computer open like swiss cheese. Your system and service goes a long way to enabling a degree of information security. Thanks.