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Feedback & Reviews

Feedback & Reviews

What a surprise

What a surprise it was to find a vpn service that actually worked for me!

Sandro Baitte



Impressive service coupled with first rate and efficient support system.

Jacqueline Jackson



I have used VPNUK now for about 4 years in Spain and even when I went back to NZ. I will definitely be using it again when I am out of the UK. Superb efficient help too if you have the need.



Fast VPN

Just upgraded to a dedicated IP address and setup dd-wrt on Asus RT-N16 router. You cannot imagine just how fast the VPN performs. I even get an upload speed faster to the UK than I do locally in France. Just a great service.



Excellent Customer Service

Customer service was almost immediate. Midnight US eastern time and got a chat msg within seconds of sending my issue. If all companies in the world were like VPNUK no one would be stressed. Thumbs up!!


United States


The service was almost immediate. Angie was brilliant. She live chatted with me for ages as I am not very computer literate and very slow. She was patient, explained everything and sorted out my problem. Thank you very much.



Just Excellent

The remote set up service was excellent. Angie was so helpful and very patient with an elderly incompetant PC operator. Weather conditions here occasionally disrupt normal TV, but with VPNUK it was excellent. I am very pleased with the service. Sincere thanks. Just a great service.



Great for TV

I spend 6-7 weeks abroad every year in a country where the only TV is awful with endless ad breaks. What a relief to find VPNUK which worked extremely well so I was able to watch all my UK channels. A very reasonable monthly rate as well.


United Kingdom

Good Service

Best 5.99 Ive spent for access whilst on holdiday in the UAE. Easy to set up and I didn’t need to contact for extra help! Very good service and I will use again. Thank you.



Excellent Service

Excellent service! I have been a happy Customer for 2+ years now on their Dedicated IP plan and have NOT had to contact support with any service complaints. I recently had a chat with Angie on their Live Help widget and she was brilliant! I cannot recommend VPNUK enough over any other provider.



Excellent Customer Service

What really makes VPNUK stand out is their excellent online customer service. Over the years I’ve had a few technical issues, for instance when changing my own OS or other details, and they’ve always managed to find a solution, even when it wasn’t totally obvious. And the online help team are always so nice!



Thanks Debs

Just ordered and Installed VPNUK. Had a problem starting after installation. Went to live chat and Debs was there to help. Problem fixed in minutes…brilliant service..thanks Debs.



Always Connects Fine

A big thankyou to all of the VPNUK team, especially Paul and Carlos. I travel so much that the VPN is a godsend to watch UK TV around the World, Ive recently watched from the States, Russia, China and South America and always connect fine



Best IT Support

My connection was initially slow. I sent an email request for assistance and received an almost immediate reply. Following instructions from Angie I have managed to restore normal service to my connection. This is some of the best IT support/ customer service that I have ever received. Well done VPNUK.



Thanks for everything

Stuck in a country where you cannot acess your home tv stations can be frustrating. Not with VPNUK. The help line guided me through the set up process. Thanks I’ll be renewing again when I’m next out of the country.


United Kingdom

Very Satisfied

Hi have dealt with everyone in customer support in the last week. Without exception everyone has been incredibly helpful, patient and have resolved all my issues. As a result I am now a VERY satisfied customer. Thanks to you all.



Fantastic Help

Desperate to watch the football from Southern France and delighted to say I did. Had a few setting up problems but help was fantastic – everyone was very patient and seemed very keen to assist.



It just works!

Been a VPNUK user since 2009! It just works – support is always excellent and quick when needed. Reason I am here today is checking to see if you guys support Chrome OS and you do! Happy customer.


United States


Angie has been fantastic. I lost my connection when the server went down, not only did she email me to let me know it was back online, she followed up by helping me set up secondary connections on my apple devices. She’s a star.



Fantastic Service

Fantastic service which has just got better. Online privacy and hacking is a real issue and should be taken seriously.. L2TP is far superior to PPTP so your browsing is safe when out and about.


United Kingdom

Friendly and Helpful

Excellent service from Carlos who had the patience of Job finding the problem and fixing it, Excellent and dedicated team who are friendly and helpful. Wish all service providers were as good as VPNUK.


South Korea

Fantastic Team

I cannot thank the VPNUK team enough for their continued help, patience and time over the last two months with the problem I had with not receiving my new bank card! Fantastic team and I am so grateful for all you have done!




Having lived in the Middle East for the last few years I would like to send a huge message of thanks and appreciation to VPNUK. Your service has been a lifeline, keeping me sane and closer to home. Your service deserves more than a 5 star – excellent just doesn’t do it justice.



Speedy Responses

Once again I have been shown amazingly speedy responses to my emails, and understanding with the problem. I wish the banks of the UK would work in the same way – VPNUK could teach them a lot in customer service and communication!



Keep Producing

All very good, swift reply to emails, good customer service, easy remote setup for idiots like me, what more could anyone want from a company. Please do not rest on your laurels and keep producing!



You are exceptional

Dear Angie, I don’t know what to say.. you are exceptional, you know your stuff, keep up the great work and sure you will be accordingly rewarded.. bye and again thank you so so so much.


United States

Brilliant Solution

Easy setup, using the guides. Brilliant solution for streaming TV and like, when staying abroad. The danish server has high bandwith and is stable. Will definitely recommend this service!




I have been a subscriber in the USA to the Smart DNS system for several months now. I’ve been absolutely thrilled with the improvement it offers over the conventional VPN, which I’ve tried with 2 other providers and always gave low bandwidth. I can consistently stream HD TV from the UK seamlessly.


United States

Exceptional Customer Support

Have worked today with Angie and in the past with Carlos.. these techs are helpful, friendly, patient, effective and efficient! I recommend this service to anyone who wants a tunneling product with exceptional customer support. Kudos to you all! This service has been heaven-sent! Thanks to you all!


United States

Fast and Efficient

We are delighted with the service provided. When we were unable to connect to the server the team provided fast and efficient help. We would happily recommend the company.




Absolutely brilliant. I was attended to by Carlos who was so patient with me. I’m not really computer literate so Carlos was very patient with me regarding help with my laptop and ipad. Would definitely recommend this service to my friends.



Very helpful service

Excellent service, and the live help is even better to ensure that you are ale to connect to the VPN and the desired pages. Very helpful service, with a very fast response time and friendly staff. I will recommend this service to others.



IT at its best

IT is the best VPN tried (out of several that failed!) It is quite complicated for non techies to follow advice when IP addresses need changing but live help did it all. As I was able to watch I may not be such a wimp next time!


United Kingdom


It was an excellent decision to switch over to vpnuk. I have been a customer for six months now, *recommended from a work colleague. The service I receive is excellent. I have been using vpn services for a number of years due to my work overseas and have never received quality of service quite like this before. Top marks all round, thanks vpnuk!



Fantastic Response

Tried to set-up vpnuk on my 10 inch Samsung Note according to the installation notes but it kept hanging. After Danny suggested a quick tweak it worked straight away. Fantastic quick and accurate response. Thank you.



Great Help

I always get great help from some very friendly people when I need it. So far all problems have been dealt with with speed and courtesy. I would advise anyone to use this service.



Best online provider

Without doubt the best online provider which I have ever dealt with. In the years which I have used this company on the rare event that I have needed assistance it has been there within minutes. Dealing with individual named persons makes life so much more comfortable. I have every confidence in VPNUK and recommend them entirely.




Guys, living and working in Central Asia leaves your computer open like swiss cheese. Your system and service goes a long way to enabling a degree of information security. Thanks.



Most Reliable VPN

I’ve used many VPN companies over the years and yours is absolutely the best and it’s not even close, you are far and away the most reliable VPN service on the market. Your live chat is also unmatched for help and speed of help.


United States

Best VPN

SUPERB, Reliable, Efficient and Best VPN provider all over UK. All UK VPN and many other VPNs. Considered best in whole of Europe.



Excellent VPN

Very excellent vpn I had used a lot of vpns before but its first time I see very good vpn service and very helpful support I am really interesting in vpnuk.



Consistent and excellent

Customer for 6 years now. Excellent service which just gets better. Never had to raise a complaint or even a technical issue. The VPNUK service has been consistent and excellent for all the time I’ve been using them.



Second to none

I have used VPNUK for some time and found that not only is the service usage excellent but the support service is second to none, Thanks for all your help.


United Kingdom

Excellent Support

Just wanted to leave some very positive feedback on Gary who provided me with some excellent support in the last 20 minutes or so, setting up the fastest speed I have had to the UK in several years working with proxies. Thanks.



More than happy

Excellent service. The amount of people I’ve come across who have had issues with their VPN provider! I’ve recommended VPNUK every time. They’ve all made the switch and all been more than happy!.




Out of all the vpn services I would recommend this the most, customer service was amazing cost was good, and had a wide range of servers to choose from.



Thank you

After many years in China using VPNUK I wish to thank the team for their friendly and great support and offering a great service which enabled me to keep in touch with friends and family in the UK. Thank you.



The Best VPN

In need of a good and stable VPN? Look no further. It always works and should there be an issue the helpdesk helps you on your way fast. You’ll get value for your money and I have tried many VPN services before but this is the best.



Very Reliable

Have been Using this Company for over 4 years and this is my second account and over 2 years now, very reliable.. Also I thank you all for multiple server unlike 4 years ago. With this vpn your internet get faster, and smooth. I love the quality of their product. Super value.



Truly Excellent

I just wanted to say that the customer support is truly excellent. I’ve used vpnuk for a number of years and any technical issues have been sorted promptly and successfully. Great service, and great value.



Excellent service

I want to say thanks to Gary, I am useless at setting stuff up and got in a real twist, with my new MacBook having used the vpnuk on two iPads and really enjoy it when am travelling Spain, sorted it all out remotely in quick order and now am watching the golf… Excellent service – really happy punter!


United Kingdom

Exemplary service

I cannot thank your live chat representative Paul enough. Not only did he fix the problem I had with the VPN itself, but he also fixed a problem I had been experiencing with my non VPN internet connection for some time. Whenever I have had to contact Live Chat (twice in 5 years) I have had nothing but exemplary service and a willingness to help. Thoroughly recommended.



Excellent customer service

What really makes VPNUK stand out is their excellent online customer service. Over the years I’ve had a few technical issues, for instance when changing my own OS or other details, and they’ve always managed to find a solution, even when it wasn’t totally obvious. And the online help team are always so nice!




Everytime I have used the support provided (by Carlos) I have found it excellent. I appreciate the very rapid response times and the technical know-how of the staff. The ‘how to’ setup guides are also excellent.


United Kingdom

Beyond excellent

Too bad the rating only goes to 5….I would give much more!!! The level of service and care from the VPN team goes far beyond excellent.

I am ALWAYS taken care of with extreme friendliness and care, not to forget a wee bit of humour thrown in, making the experience seem all the more personal and humanistic…. a rare quality in companies these days ! So many thanks to Danny and the team… who have helped me so often and have taught me a lot by taking the time to explain things I didn’t know or understand. There are a lot of companies out there who could learn from VPNUK as to what good customer relations is all about.




Fast and easy

Fast live help, but it’s very rarely needed. I particularly like the ease with which I can stop and re-start the service (and the charge) when I am at home or away. Thanks.

Barry Baker


Working very well

Apart from a the odd drop out, everything is working very well, and help if I need it, is always quick, and even if I ask some dumb question they are always polite. I have pointed a number of people towards the company and they have no regrets, the system is even better now, being able to switch servers instantly, could we have an android app for that as well.

All the best



Fantastic response

Tried to set-up vpnuk on my 10 inch Samsung Note according to the installation notes but it kept hanging. After Danny suggested a quick tweak it worked straight away. Fantastic quick and accurate response. Thank you.

Pete Williams