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Feedback & Reviews

Feedback & Reviews


Friendly and Helpful

Excellent service from Carlos who had the patience of Job finding the problem and fixing it, Excellent and dedicated team who are friendly and helpful. Wish all service providers were as good as VPNUK.


South Korea

Fantastic Team

I cannot thank the VPNUK team enough for their continued help, patience and time over the last two months with the problem I had with not receiving my new bank card! Fantastic team and I am so grateful for all you have done!




Having lived in the Middle East for the last few years I would like to send a huge message of thanks and appreciation to VPNUK. Your service has been a lifeline, keeping me sane and closer to home. Your service deserves more than a 5 star – excellent just doesn’t do it justice.



Speedy Responses

Once again I have been shown amazingly speedy responses to my emails, and understanding with the problem. I wish the banks of the UK would work in the same way – VPNUK could teach them a lot in customer service and communication!



Keep Producing

All very good, swift reply to emails, good customer service, easy remote setup for idiots like me, what more could anyone want from a company. Please do not rest on your laurels and keep producing!



You are exceptional

Dear Angie, I don’t know what to say.. you are exceptional, you know your stuff, keep up the great work and sure you will be accordingly rewarded.. bye and again thank you so so so much.


United States

Brilliant Solution

Easy setup, using the guides. Brilliant solution for streaming TV and like, when staying abroad. The danish server has high bandwith and is stable. Will definitely recommend this service!




I have been a subscriber in the USA to the Smart DNS system for several months now. I’ve been absolutely thrilled with the improvement it offers over the conventional VPN, which I’ve tried with 2 other providers and always gave low bandwidth. I can consistently stream HD TV from the UK seamlessly.


United States

Exceptional Customer Support

Have worked today with Angie and in the past with Carlos.. these techs are helpful, friendly, patient, effective and efficient! I recommend this service to anyone who wants a tunneling product with exceptional customer support. Kudos to you all! This service has been heaven-sent! Thanks to you all!


United States

Fast and Efficient

We are delighted with the service provided. When we were unable to connect to the server the team provided fast and efficient help. We would happily recommend the company.