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Feedback & Reviews

Feedback & Reviews


Always Connects Fine

A big thankyou to all of the VPNUK team, especially Paul and Carlos. I travel so much that the VPN is a godsend to watch UK TV around the World, Ive recently watched from the States, Russia, China and South America and always connect fine




Guys, living and working in Central Asia leaves your computer open like swiss cheese. Your system and service goes a long way to enabling a degree of information security. Thanks.



Working very well

Apart from a the odd drop out, everything is working very well, and help if I need it, is always quick, and even if I ask some dumb question they are always polite. I have pointed a number of people towards the company and they have no regrets, the system is even better now, being able to switch servers instantly, could we have an android app for that as well. All the best




Having lived in the Middle East for the last few years I would like to send a huge message of thanks and appreciation to VPNUK. Your service has been a lifeline, keeping me sane and closer to home. Your service deserves more than a 5 star – excellent just doesn’t do it justice.



You are exceptional

Dear Angie, I don’t know what to say.. you are exceptional, you know your stuff, keep up the great work and sure you will be accordingly rewarded.. bye and again thank you so so so much.


United States

Excellent service

I want to say thanks to Gary, I am useless at setting stuff up and got in a real twist, with my new MacBook having used the vpnuk on two iPads and really enjoy it when am travelling Spain, sorted it all out remotely in quick order and now am watching the golf… Excellent service – really happy punter!


United Kingdom

Thanks for everything

Stuck in a country where you cannot acess your home tv stations can be frustrating. Not with VPNUK. The help line guided me through the set up process. Thanks I’ll be renewing again when I’m next out of the country.


United Kingdom


I have used VPNUK now for about 4 years in Spain and even when I went back to NZ. I will definitely be using it again when I am out of the UK. Superb efficient help too if you have the need.



More than happy

Excellent service. The amount of people I’ve come across who have had issues with their VPN provider! I’ve recommended VPNUK every time. They’ve all made the switch and all been more than happy!.



Friendly and Helpful

Excellent service from Carlos who had the patience of Job finding the problem and fixing it, Excellent and dedicated team who are friendly and helpful. Wish all service providers were as good as VPNUK.


South Korea