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Feedback & Reviews

Feedback & Reviews


Excellent service

I want to say thanks to Gary, I am useless at setting stuff up and got in a real twist, with my new MacBook having used the vpnuk on two iPads and really enjoy it when am travelling Spain, sorted it all out remotely in quick order and now am watching the golf… Excellent service – really happy punter!


United Kingdom

Exemplary service

I cannot thank your live chat representative Paul enough. Not only did he fix the problem I had with the VPN itself, but he also fixed a problem I had been experiencing with my non VPN internet connection for some time. Whenever I have had to contact Live Chat (twice in 5 years) I have had nothing but exemplary service and a willingness to help. Thoroughly recommended.



Excellent customer service

What really makes VPNUK stand out is their excellent online customer service. Over the years I’ve had a few technical issues, for instance when changing my own OS or other details, and they’ve always managed to find a solution, even when it wasn’t totally obvious. And the online help team are always so nice!




Everytime I have used the support provided (by Carlos) I have found it excellent. I appreciate the very rapid response times and the technical know-how of the staff. The ‘how to’ setup guides are also excellent.


United Kingdom

Beyond excellent

Too bad the rating only goes to 5….I would give much more!!! The level of service and care from the VPN team goes far beyond excellent. I am ALWAYS taken care of with extreme friendliness and care, not to forget a wee bit of humour thrown in, making the experience seem all the more personal and humanistic…. a rare quality in companies these days ! So many thanks to Danny and the team… who have helped me so often and have taught me a lot by taking the time to explain things I didn’t know or understand. There are a lot of companies out there who could learn from VPNUK as to what good customer relations is all about. Thanks



Fast and easy

Fast live help, but it’s very rarely needed. I particularly like the ease with which I can stop and re-start the service (and the charge) when I am at home or away. Thanks.

Barry Baker


Working very well

Apart from a the odd drop out, everything is working very well, and help if I need it, is always quick, and even if I ask some dumb question they are always polite. I have pointed a number of people towards the company and they have no regrets, the system is even better now, being able to switch servers instantly, could we have an android app for that as well. All the best



Fantastic response

Tried to set-up vpnuk on my 10 inch Samsung Note according to the installation notes but it kept hanging. After Danny suggested a quick tweak it worked straight away. Fantastic quick and accurate response. Thank you.

Pete Williams