Setup Xbox Pptp

Setting up Bridged PPTP access on XBox.

The following instructions go step by step through the creation process of a bridged PPTP connection on XBox. The XBox does not currently support direct VPN connections. If you have any problems with this connection type we strongly recommend using a DD-WRT connection.


You will need the following in order to create this XBox connection:
1. An XBox
2. An ethernet cable
3. A laptop with Internet access
4. An active VPNUK account

Part 1 – PPTP Setup

Create a PPTP connection on the Laptop. You can do that following the setup instructions for your O/S available here:

Part 2 – Bridged Connection

1. Turn off the XBox and connect an ethernet cable from your XBox to the Laptop or Computer LAN port.
2. Go to Network and Sharing Centre, then click onto ‘Change Adapter Settings’ from the left hand menu.
3. Right click onto the PPTP VPNUK connection you created in Part 1 and select ‘Properties’.
4. Click onto the ‘Sharing’ tab.

5. Place a check in the ‘Allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection’.
6. You may receive a prompt, click ‘OK’.
7. Click onto the ‘Home Networking Connection:’ dropdown and select the connection that your XBox uses, usually ‘Local Area Connection’.
8. Click ‘OK’.
9. Connect the VPN and Start the XBox.
10. Thats It! You should now be connected to the VPNUK Service on the XBox.