Setup Apple TV Smart DNS

Setting up a VPNUK SMART DNS connection on Apple TV.

The best way to configure Smart DNS on Apple TV is through a router configured for Smart DNS. However, if you do not have a compatible router for Smart DNS access you can use the following setup tutorial and configure your Apple TV to our Smart DNS servce directly.

1. Registering your IP on the SmartDNS service

Login to the Members Area using your user account login username and password. Go to the ‘SmartDNS Management‘ menu item

SmartDNS Check in

2. SmartDNS Management

Select Check In new address.

3. Set my IP

The Smart DNS system can set your current IP address if you do not know what it is. Click onto the ‘Set my IP’ button, that will reveal your current IP address in the Address field.
IMPORTANT: If you change location, or if your IP address changes you will need to check-in the new IP. For example, if you are using wi-fi, at home, and then go to an outside location and use a wi-fi hotspot, you will need to check-in that new IP address. You will then need to check-in your home IP once you return home. Each IP address you use to access the internet has to be checked in before you can access the SmartDNS service.

4. Check in your IP

You can add a description for the IP or hostname you are checking into the Smart DNS system, once you are happy with the Address and the Description click onto the ‘Check in’ button.


5. Registered

The Smart DNS system will confirm your IP address has been registered, it takes just a couple of seconds become enabled on the service.

6. Get SmartDNS IP

Scroll down to the ‘SmartDNS Server Settings’ section.

7. Copy IP

Copy or make a note of a ‘SmartDNS Server IP’ that you would like to use, you will need this later in the setup.


8. Configuring the Apple TV set top box

From the Apple TV main screen, go the ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘Network’ and select ‘Configure TCP/IP’ for your connection type.

9. Network Setup

From the ‘Network Setup’ screen change the ‘Configure IP’ option to ‘Manual’.

10. IP Settings

You shouldn’t need to edit these IP settings, however, if you do happen to know what IP settings you use on your local network, please should ensure the ‘IP Address’, ‘Subnet Mask’ and ‘Router Address’ are correct.

11. Smart DNS IP’s

Change ‘DNS Server’ to the Primary ‘Smart DNS server IP’. You can find these settings in the VPNUK Smart DNS section of the Client CP.

12. Location

Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘iTunes Store’ > ‘Location’ and select your desired location. (Usually United Kingdom or United States).

13. Restart Device

Set your Apple TV device to sleep mode with the ‘Sleep Now’ command from Settings. Then unplug the device, wait 15 seconds and plug the Apple TV device back in and turn it on.

VPNUK Connection Setup Tutorial

Thats It! In order to be sure the settings are active you should Disable/Enable the internet connection or reboot your device.