Setup VPNUK on Amazon (Official App)

Setting up VPNUK access on Amazon devices.

This tutorial uses the official VPNUK app designed for Android & Amazon devices which is a free download from Amazon App Store and compatible with all Amazon devices including Fire Phone, Fire Tablets and Fire TV. The VPNUK app is our recommended connection type for all Amazon devices, offering a very simple user interface which requires very little user configuration. Your Amazon device must be running the latest Amazon firmware for this app to be compatible with your device.



The VPNUK App is uses our API which assists you with the setup. The VPNUK App is fully implemented with Amazon In-App purchase, therefore you are able to administer your account from the App.

1. Install VPNUK App for Amazon

Go to the Amazon App Store on your Amazon device and search for the official ‘VPNUK’ app.

Amazon Fire App - VPNUK

2. Run VPNUK

Go to your apps list and run the VPNUK App.

Amazon Fire App - VPNUK

3. Configure new connection

Enter the connection settings by clicking onto the settings cog

4. Configure Connection

The official VPNUK App from Amazon store uses the VPNUK API, which means you login to the VPN using your chosen User Account credentials or your VPN Account credentials, Choose VPN Account or User account and then enter your account login ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ and check the ‘Save Credentials’ box if you would like the app to save your login details. New Users can click onto the ‘Get Free Trial’ link and create a 7 day free trial.

5. Choose Server

Click onto the server selection button. The VPNUK API will automatically detect your correct server.

6. Choose Server Manually

If you would prefer to over ride the API and choose your server manually you can do this, select your VPNUK account type.

7. Select Server

If you have a Shared IP account you can connect to any of the Shared IP servers. If you have a Dedicated IP account or a 1:1 Dedicated IP account please choose your connecting server, you can find these details in your welcome email or in the members area. All Dedicated IP account holders also have unlimited access to all of our Shared IP servers.

8. Connect

You can now connect to your VPNUK account.

9. Connection Complete

Your account will now be connected to the VPN, if you would like to disconnect or switch to a different server, click onto the ‘Disconnect’ button and choose a different server. You can now connect to the service from the Quick Launch screen by use the quick connect toggle. If you would like to edit your connection in future, click onto the settings cog on the top right of the screen.