Avast Internet Security

Table of Contents

If you are having problems installing our software through the Avast Firewall you will need to make an exclusion in the Avast settings which will allow our software to install. In order to do this follow these steps.

1. Disable Avast
2. Install our OpenVPN Assistant or the VPNUK Connection Assistant software. (If you are installing OpenVPN Assistant it is also a good idea to install OpenVPN too.
3. Enable Avast.
4. Open the Avast user interface and go to ‘Settings’ > ‘General’
5. Find the ‘EXCLUSIONS’ tab and add the OpenVPN Assistant (OpenVPN and TAP WIndows) or the VPNUK Connection Assistant folders to the list of ‘File Paths’ Exclusions. You can find these files in the Program Files and Program Files(x86) directory.

VPNUK Windows applications include:
VPNUK Connection Assistant – vpndialer.exe
OpenVPN Connection Assistant – OpenVPN Assistant.exe
OpenVPN Installer –
OpenVPN – openvpn.exe
– openvpn-gui.exe
OpenVPN Password Editor – vpnuk-housekeeping.exe
OpenVPN DNS Editor – vpnuk-open-dns.exe
OpenVPN IP Editor – vpnuk-open-IP.exe
OpenVPN Config Editor –