F-Secure Deep Guard

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F-Secure does not use its own firewall, it uses Deep GUard. You can control which applications DeepGuard allows and blocks.

Sometimes DeepGuard may block our VPNUK applications from running. You may also have unintentionally blocked the application when a DeepGuard pop-up has been shown.

To allow the VPNUK application that DeepGuard has blocked please ensure you are logged in as a windows administrator account:

1. On the Status page, click Settings.
2. Select DeepGuard.
3. Click Change application permissions.
4. The Monitored applications list is shown.
5. Find all VPNUK applications (search vpn) and click Details.
6. Select Allow.
7. Click OK.
8. Click Close.

VPNUK Windows applications include:
VPNUK Connection Assistant – vpndialer.exe
OpenVPN Connection Assistant – OpenVPN Assistant.exe
OpenVPN Installer –
OpenVPN – openvpn.exe
– openvpn-gui.exe
OpenVPN Password Editor – vpnuk-housekeeping.exe

OpenVPN DNS Editor – vpnuk-open-dns.exe
OpenVPN IP Editor – vpnuk-open-IP.exe

OpenVPN Config Editor –