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General Anti Virus / Firewall

Most modern third party anti virus and firewalls will have an exception or exclusion option for adding program folders or files to them. If you are having problems installing your VPNUK software or have problems with our software passing through your anti virus or firewall we recommend you do the following.

1. Close all programs and applications and disable your third party Anti Virus and Firewall, if you are running Windows you can always enable Windows Defender if you are not happy running without protection for a few minutes. Windows Defender is a very stable and functional protection suite built by Microsoft, it is included in the Operating System install and can be found in your Windows Control Panel. Its also Free to use and very lightweight.
2. Install the VPNUK software application you would like to use. If you are installing the OpenVPN Assistant you should also install OpenVPN.
3. Open your third Party Anti Virus and Firewall and locate Exclusions or Exceptions from its menu or preferences options.
4. Browse to Program Files or Program Files(x86) and locate the VPNUK software folders OpenVPN Assistant and/or VPNUK Connection Assistant and also the OpenVPN folder and click onto the Add option.
5. ‘Save’ the newly created exclusions.
6. You can now re-enable your third party Anti Virus and Firewall and Disable Windows Defender if you enabled it earlier.

VPNUK Windows applications include:
VPNUK Connection Assistant – vpndialer.exe
OpenVPN Connection Assistant – OpenVPN Assistant.exe
OpenVPN Installer –
OpenVPN – openvpn.exe
– openvpn-gui.exe
OpenVPN Password Editor – vpnuk-housekeeping.exe
OpenVPN DNS Editor – vpnuk-open-dns.exe
OpenVPN IP Editor – vpnuk-open-IP.exe
OpenVPN Config Editor –

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