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1. Go to: (or the LiveBox default gateway)
2. Login. (The default login username is: admin and the password is also: admin).
3. Under menu Security/Firewall it can be left at ‘Middle’
4. Under menu Configuration/Advanced/Router the DMZ setup should NOT be configured
5. Under Router­NAT on the same page click ‘Add’ and choose Manual service. Call it VPNUK1
5a. Choose Protocol: TCP enter External Port 1723, Internal Port 1723 and Server IP address as a STATIC IP address.
6. Submit then add a 2nd port forward. Call it VPNUK2
6a. Choose Protocol: UDP enter External Port 500, Internal Port 500 and Server IP address as a STATIC IP address. Submit
7. Orange Livebox uses a dynamic IP address which was the main problem for the client that kindly provided us with this LiveBox tutorial, this will be the same for other Orange Livebox users.

For Apple Mac users
The change to be made is in Network under TCP/IP, change Configure IPv4 to ‘Manually’. Enter your internal IP address, example: Change DNS servers to your default gateway address, example; Then restart Livebox and computer

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