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OpenVPN random disconnection

OpenVPN is randomly disconnecting from the VPN when using Windows?

If OpenVPN randomly disconnects please try the following, this will create a static metric.

Metric should ideally be calculated on your MTU, but a safe medium is to use 1234.

  1. Go to ‘Network and Sharing Centre’.
  2. Go to ‘Change Adpater Options’ or ‘View Adapter Options’.
  3. Right click onto your TAP Windows Adapter V9.
  4. Uncheck IPv6.
  5. Highlight IPv4 and and click onto ‘Properties’.
  6. Click onto the ‘Advanced’ button.
  7. Uncheck ‘Automatic Metric’.
  8. Type 1234 into the ‘Interface metric’ box.
  9. Click ‘OK’.
  10. Connect the VPN.

If the static metric method does not work you can try reinstalling the TAP Driver from our connection assistant software.

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