Zone Alarm

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If you are using Zone Labs ZoneAlarm firewall to protect your PC and would like to use the IPSec client to connect to the VPN network, you will need to add the VPNUK VPN server to the list of ZoneAlarm Trusted Hosts.

Adding VPN Servers to ZoneAlarm’s Trusted Hosts

Select Start -> Programs -> Zone Labs -> Zone Labs Security to open the application.

Click the Firewall link to open the the Firewall settings panel. Next click the Zones Tab to open the Zones settings panel.

Click on Add -> Host/Site to add your VPNUK IP to the list of Trusted Hosts. If you are using a Shared IP account you will have to add all shared server IP’s.

You will now see the VPNUK Servers in the Trusted Zones list.

Click Apply to apply your settings.