Setup Android OpenConnect

Setting up OpenConnect access on Android devices.

This tutorial uses OpenConnect for Android which is a free download from the Google Play store. OpenConnect for Android is a highly secure SSL VPN connection which is very stable and offers excellent speeds on Android systems.

1. Install OpenConnect for Android

Go to the Google Play store on your Android device and download ‘OpenConnect’ app by Kevin Cernekee. If you are unable to locate the app, you can download OpenConnect from here.

2. Open Application

Run OpenConnect.

3. Configure OpenConnect

Click onto the plus symbol on the top right of the application to begin configuration.

4. Server details

Enter the server DNS address or IP address of the server you would like to connect to, followed by port 4443.
For example: If you are connecting to UK Dedicated IP server 23 you would enter: or the server IP followed by :4443

5. Add Certificate (Optional)

Click here: [Download not found] to download and save our certificate file. Then click onto ‘CA Certificate’, locate the file, this will store the file in the connection settings.

6. Server Configured

Click onto the back button to return to the overivew.

7. Connect to VPNUK

GClick onto the newly configured profile to connect.

8. Trust Connection

The first time you connect to the VPN you will receive a prompt, click ‘OK’.

9. Certificate Warning

You may also receive a certificate warning from your Android device, Click onto ‘Always Connect’.

10. Enter Username

Enter your login username and click onto ‘OK’.

11. Enter Password

Enter your login password, you can also choose to save the password, then click onto ‘OK’.

12. Connected!

Your VPNUK connect should now connect you to your account.